Saturday, December 26, 2009

Trolleyville Update

Our friend Steve Heister reports that our three steel cars left the tower tracks this morning just before noon and were moved to Central shops. The 451 needs its compressor replaced, and then they can be moved to Brookpark. No word yet on exactly when the wood cars can be moved by Silk Road from Brookpark to Union. Thanks for the update!

Tim O'Donnell says they will try to find time to swap the compressor on 451 early in the week, then start to move the 450's to Brookpark. Will try to move 409 last unless he can leave it in Brookpark Shop. He doesn't want to leave it outside unattended too long.


patentable said...

Question: Is the compressor work on the 451 being done by IRM volunteers or by the GCRTA?


Randall Hicks said...

It's being done by GCRTA. And we're not paying extra for it AFAIK.

Joe Stupar said...

The compressor that was on the 451 had a finger sized hole blown through the armature. As part of the parts distribution IRM won two replacement compressors. Since our cars will basically be pulling 2-3 other cars, they wanted to have more than one air compressor running on the train. Tim agreed to take one of the compressors we won that was in good shape, test it, and put it on the 451. It is a win-win situation since its easier to run the train, and both 450s will be basically ready to run when they arrive.