Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gone But Not Forgotten

Our friend Bob Kutella says:

Does anyone collect business cards? I suppose somewhere, someone collects business cards with railroad history as part of them. It is (or must be) human nature to be 'collectors'.

I was pushing stuff around on the desk and came across this business card from the now defunct Trolleyville. The front of the card is very attractive with nice graphic design. I have deleted the contact info to respect privacy and since none of it is probably active.

But look at the back of the card! A nice shot of the 19 in service, smiling faces, and sunny skies! Of course that car now resides in our IRM Barn 4, somewhat the worse for wear and in need of a good sprucing up to again be as sparkling and triumphant as in this image.

The only thing that never changes is that EVERYTHING CHANGES.

Bob Kutella

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Scott Greig said...

Yup...the moment it was announced what cars we had gotten, I realized that I had ridden most of them the two times I was at Trolleyville. (Only one I don't think I was on was the 36.)

Somewhere I still have a visitors guide from my first visit.