Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thank You For Waiting....

....your call is important to us. Sorry, we're still on hold at Cleveland, so all we can do is have patience. I can, however, give you a more detailed explanation of why we're waiting. The CA&E cars have to be moved to the Brook Park shops, as mentioned earlier. The GCRTA system, however, runs entirely on cab signals. The CA&E cars don't have cab signals (duh!) and there is nothing available to pull them with, so they will have to run under their own power. Evidently, then, the only way they can move is if the rest of the railroad is shut down, and that only happens between 1:00 and 3:30 AM, and any other project such as track or signals has priority over Tim O'Donnell and his antiques. He was hoping to move the cars this week but was shoved aside; he's now hoping for next week. So we wait. At least we won't make you listen to Muzak.

As I arrived today, Gerry Detloff was moving trucks in the material yard to make room for the installation of the big EMD sign, which will be another noticeable improvement to the property. I offered to help, but as soon as I had walked away to change into work clothes, he found that the big fork lift was stuck in the mud. The only solution was to call Diamond Towing Service, so nothing more got done today.

A lot of switching has already been done, and there's plenty more. Here we see that the portable sub has been moved outside. Some of this is due to the imminent arrival of the Trolleyville collection, and more to the completion of Barn 11. The hope is to get everything that doesn't either look presentable or is being worked on out of Barns 6, 7, and 8.

My daughter Esther has made a prototype Illinois Terminal antimacassar, and here it is in the 277. It hasn't been lettered yet, but silk-screening can be done easily by a commercial establishment. We will need about 40 of these to equip the 277. Anyone in this area who could help with the sewing and would be willing to make some of these should contact me via email. Thanks!

Next, here are some pictures of our new Q Havelock baggage car #993. Ted's crew are working on cleaning it up for use as a library storage facility.

Finally, I can't tell you about it yet, but there's an exciting new (electric car) acquisition in the works. So stay tuned!


Anonymous said...


We are going to be installing the big EMD sign. The UP sign from Omaha is on the west end of Barn 3! Great photo of GD! The cat is back on solid ground tonight.


David Wilkins said...

Both the UP sign and the EMD sign will be great additions to the property, and go a long way to help "hide" the materials yard.

It is the hard work of people like Dave Diamond and his ground department volunteers that help give IRM a first-class appearance. I've noticed visitors comment positively about the restored signs, the CTA billboard, and the nice "touches" like the street signs, paved roads and sidewalks.

Scott Greig said...

Re. Cleveland RTA: Do what the CTA would do...declare the cab signals cut out, put a couple of field supervisors or transportation managers on the front with the motorman, and go. Or do whatever the heck Cleveland RTA does when the cab signal on one of their revenue trains goes out!

Cab signal, huh...does that mean we can expect some "necessary modifications" made to the OX?