Friday, January 4, 2013

319 Report

 Depending on one's work schedule, the holidays can offer some opportunities to get a lot done.  Of course, the weather can present a challenge.  Here's a report on the last two days.

On Wednesday, I mostly worked on repainting the ceiling in the 319.  After surface prep, all of the center panels were painted with white primer, except for the one small area where it's still loose. This part is held up with a pipe, as seen at left.  The difference may not be obvious from these pictures, but trust me, it looks a lot better.
 There were a lot of people in the shop on Wednesday.  Bob has reported on their activities in the department blog.  Here we see Jeff Brady using the big mortising machine to make new parts for the Michigan car.
These will cover large nuts for the bolts which will attach the saddles to the roof.  After talking to Jeff and reading Bob's report, I'm still not sure exactly what these blocks do.  But they must be important.

 Oh yes, and then I cleaned up the final buzzer cord hanger down to bare brass, and reinstalled it.  It was later painted with white primer.

 On Thursday morning, Bob Olson and Dave Diamond were unloading a newly arrived truckload of ties.

Most of Thursday I spent sanding, filling, and repainted the walls, just for variety.  These pictures show various sections before and after.

And finally, I filled in the remaining gaps and repainted the end window for the 36.  It's now leaning up against the wall in the shop again.

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