Thursday, January 17, 2013

More Painting

 Thursday happens to be the most convenient day for me to spend out at the Museum, and most of it was more of the same: surface prep and painting in the 319, this time on the walls.  White primer on one side, first finish color on the other.

I'm also working on reattaching the ceiling in one section where it had come loose, and this seems to be going well.  By leaving the clamp in place for a while, the panel seems to be returning to its original shape, however unwillingly.  With some more glue and caulk, it ought to start looking more like the others.

 Henry has started work on repairing the train door for the 36, as seen here.  It will be good to have this fixed correctly.  Tim helped with this project also, and I appreciate their assistance!

And I took the end window from the shop and reinstalled it in the #2 end of the car.  It now looks much better.  In the doorway you can see the particle board used to close up the opening, since the train door is in the shop.

And molding pieces around the window frame got painted blue.


Anonymous said...

Seeing those arched windows reminds me of your 12/1/12 post about the arched, stained glass windows inside Illinois Terminal car #277 (being worked on by Ed Oslowski). Post is here:

Is it correct to assume that CA&E #319's arched windows are also stained glass? I see they are blanked out on the exterior, so obviously a pretty major project to uncover them, correct?

PS. If you do happen to walk by car #277 sometime this Winter, I wonder if you could take a peak inside and report on any progress?

Thanks very much!


Randall Hicks said...

Lucien: Yes, that is stained glass I'm painting over. Sorry. That's the way it was at the end of service.

On both the 277 and 319, originally there were two sets of arched stained glass windows, inner and outer. The regular windows would rise up between them. On the 277, the inner frames were kept, but the glass was replaced with panels of Masonite. The outer windows are still in place, but covered over with sheet metal on the outside.

On all of the CA&E cars, the outer windows were removed and discarded, and replaced with wooden siding. So we do not have any samples to use for replacement. The inner windows are still in place, as on the 309, but on some cars they were painted. Somewhere I should have some pictures of exactly what these windows look like, but I don't seem to have them to hand.

And next time I see Ed at work, I'll check up on his progress.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick reply, Randy. You answered all the questions I had. Keep up the good work. - Lucien