Thursday, January 31, 2013

This Week's Progress

Henry has continued making progress on repairing the train door for the 36.  It appears he has finished filling the inner door with epoxy, and the patch pieces for the outer door are ready for trimming.

Tim is a one-man window factory.  All of the upper and lower side sash have been finished, and are stored here.  He is now making the clerestory sash, which have three lights.


And then there's me.  I did some more surface prep and painting in the 319, as seen here.  White primer is nearly done on the ceiling, and on the walls there's still one double-window section to do.


Anonymous said...

as those door will be more or less outside; isn't it better to prime them before placing them in the repair area?

That way both sides get covered. They are looking like somebody cared!

Ted Miles
IRM Member

Randall Hicks said...

Ted: The new pieces of poplar have been marked for cutting, but the cutting hasn't been started, so there's no reason to paint them yet. And we generally do not paint surfaces that will be glued together, such as mortises and tenons. I'm sure it will be done right.