Saturday, January 12, 2013

Picture This

 IRM is a museum that never sleeps.  Even in the middle of winter, there's always somebody around, and on weekends there are usually lots of people working on various projects.  The car shop/wood shop is a beehive of activity, but there were also people working in the steam shop, the office, the silver train, B&G, working on the trucks for the dome car, and I presume over in the Diesel shop.  I could start naming names but I'd surely leave several people out inadvertently.  And who needs more enemies?

Nonetheless, there's always room for more, and we could easily put several more people to work on productive activities.  It beats sitting at home watching TV!

I spent most of the day prepping and painting various parts of the ceiling in the 319, as usual. It's going well. 

In the shop, I also put a second coat of red on the outside of the 36's end window, followed by first blue on the inside. 

And I looked at the train door with Bob Kutella and Victor Humphreys.  We talked about how to patch in the new wood, and Victor picked out some spare pieces of poplar left over from the snowplow project.  Since the pieces we needed are fairly small, I was confident that we'd have some stock already available.  Thanks, Victor!

Bob and I are probably both in the market for new digital cameras.  I'm still using an antique (= 10 years old) Nikon model which works OK.  Bob's no longer focuses properly, so he ordered a newer model on line.  It has all sorts of problems, and he was telling us about his phone conversation with the sales rep.  The funniest part was that he complained that if you're shooting near the sun, you can't see anything in the display to help you frame the picture.  So the rep suggested that he just turn around.  Turn around?  Now how am I supposed to take a picture of what I want?  Anyhow, we'd appreciate any positive recommendations from real people who have bought cameras recently for railfan purposes.  In particular, it's important to download easily to a computer for blogging.  So let us know what you recommend.  Thanks!


Ray Bellock said...

your recap of those working in the beehive could alsomention the Board offices and guests in the monthly board meeting and a planning committee in the afternoon---both worthwhile groups trying to keep everything moving forward.

Randall Hicks said...

Thanks, Ray, you have a good point, of course.