Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

 Best wishes to everybody out there in internet land!  We have lots of great things planned for this year, including a surprise or two, so don't go away.  

Yesterday was mostly work on the ceiling in the 319.  I was able to reattach both long sections of the molding at the top of the car cards, as seen here.  One side needs some more screws, then it too will get filler over the new screws and be ready for painting.

There's one small area in the center where the ceiling was sagging; the first thing to do is try to push it back up into position.  This clamping system was made back about 1979 and was designed for gluing loose veneer on the walls of the 309.  Still useful for similar applications.

And then here we have some filler applied to the side walls, before I started to sand it down.  I didn't get around to any painting, but it gets warm enough even on fairly cold days.

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