Saturday, January 5, 2013

Please Remain Calm

 OK, I admit it, I'm easily startled.  I get used to having the cavernous expanse of Barn 8 to myself, and then every so often the notorious Bill Wulfert finds some phony excuse to come over to the barn and maliciously sneak up on me.  And have a few laughs at my expense.  I'm always envious of those who are more easily amused than myself. 

Be that as it may, today was mostly spent working on the ceiling in the 319.  Lots of little detail work, but not a lot to take pictures of, unfortunately.  After finishing the installation of new screws to hold the molding at the top of the car cards securely, then filling and sanding and so forth, the molding got another coat of primer.  And then there are several seams that needed to be filled with putty, and so on.

For some reason the paint on the back of the electrical cabinet was badly cracked, so I spent some time filling the cracks and sanding it all down.  It needs some fine sanding, but the surface is actually much smoother than it looks in this picture.

Say, I know it's 2013 already, but we are still in serious need of donations to the Barn 14 construction funds.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.  One of these days we'll get an updated analysis of how far along we are.  Help Wanted!


David Wilkins said...

"The Easily-Startled Misanthrope of Barn 8: The Randall 'Randy' Hicks Story"

Joel Ahrendt said...

He did have an MG running for 5 minutes in the barn.