Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Four Cars

This morning Rich Witt and Bob Kutella helped me assemble another control pipe hose, with its unusual gladhand, and that was all that was needed to get the brakes on all four cars working in unison.  I checked the control systems, for which I needed another control jumper.  Luckily, the 409 and 431 were nice enough to let me borrow theirs, which they weren't using.  And everything worked!  I only ran the train about a car length back and forth, but that was good enough as a proof of concept.  We're ready for the pageant!

Tomorrow, if the weather is favorable, I would like to pull the 36 over to 50th Avenue for lettering.  There won't be any pictures until then, but there will be several other projects to look at also.  Don't go away!


Anonymous said...

Will the 21E truck from the 170 be correct for either the Knoxville car or the Gary railways car ?

Randy Stahl

Frank Hicks said...

Unfortunately no, though the Knoxville car is currently on a pretty minimal shop truck made out of I-beams so if we can put the 170 on a 79E then the 21E may go under the Knoxville car anyway. Knoville 419 originally had a Cincinnati-built single truck of somewhat unusual design. Our other single-truck body is from Kankakee (the Gary car is a double-truck car) and it originally had a McGuire truck that resembled a Columbian.