Thursday, June 27, 2013

This Way to the Zephyr

Tonight I picked up a new donation to the museum - a neon sign that was once hung on the platform gates at Chicago Union Station indicating where the Burlington Zephyrs were boarding.  The sign is a bit deteriorated and has a broken neon tube, but the IRM Buildings & Grounds Department has certainly repaired worse and this may someday make a neat addition to the depot or to Barn 9.

The sign was donated by Fred Lonnes, who acquired the sign from being scrapped many years ago when Union Station was being renovated.  Thanks, Fred!

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Anonymous said...

This is an exciting donation and it certainly appears to be in good shape to light it up again. The idea of getting it near the train in 9 is great! Now for a photo of the sign at CUS?? IRM appreciates the doantion!