Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rainy Day

 It rained on and off most of the day, as seen here with the 409 and 431 in service.  Wood cars 308 and 319 are scheduled to operate next on July 4th, a Thursday, weather permitting.  I would have liked to pull the 36 over the pit for some quick inspection and adjustment, but that wasn't possible.  Maybe Wednesday.

But there are always plenty of things to do.  I installed both window wipers, recently repainted by Al.  They look nice.  Here you can see the shiny black wiper arms, and behind them the big blue handle inside. 

Then I spent quite a while cleaning windows.  The 36's windows evidently hadn't been cleaned since a previous millenium, so that was an improvement.  

And then I worked for a while installing some more window shades.  In this car, absent window shades are very obvious, compared to later designs such as the 309 where it's not so noticeable.

We seemed to have a good crowd of visitors, considering the weather, and volunteers were as usual working on all sorts of projects.  I was glad to see Frank Sirinek out today; he had become ill while on vacation in California, but seemed back to normal.  He was telling us all about his sightseeing in San Francisco, Rio Vista, and so on.  And of course everyone was talking excitedly about the huge Trolley Extravaganza which is now just a week away.  Aren't you?


Anonymous said...

OT with the death of Google Reader, will the Railway Preservation Bundle resurface using another mechanism?
C Kronenwetter

Randall Hicks said...

That's a good question, and I sent a message to Mr. Gears earlier asking about it. I always enjoyed reading it, although it often seemed that 2/3 of the posts were IRM-related, which I'd find anyway. Let's hope something similar can be arranged. It's good to keep up with what other museums are doing.