Saturday, March 1, 2014

36 Report

Today's first task was to install the repainted door in the 36, so that it would be out of the way in the shop.  The entire interior of the vestibule needs to be painted blue, eventually.  I also took some more pictures of the interior for the article I'm writing about the 36 for Rail & Wire.

And by the way, here's what those metal brackets I was making will look like when installed.  They hold the copper fuses away from the wooden beam, and presumably keep the loose ends in place if a fuse blows.  Of course, we won't be blowing any fuses.

And then it was back to painting windows.  25 and 26 got another coat of paint on each side, and 27 and 28, the last two windows, were sanded down and then painted with white primer on both sides.

So that's the last we'll see of the ugly red windows, an important milestone.  Next time I'll plan to start on the last side door, unless the weather improves.  I'm way behind schedule on the 319 roof project, since it has been basically impossible to work on it during this severe winter.  But we should be able to have the 36 in revenue service, at least for protection.  So we'll still have enough cars available.  Unless the tracks are still deep in snow in May.  By now, I wouldn't be surprised.

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Nicholaus Gawriluk said...

The CGW snow plow might come in handy if the museum is open on time!

Unrelated, but wondering if anyone knows how Bob Kutella is doing?