Thursday, March 20, 2014

2014 Operating Schedule

The 2014 operating schedule for the CA&E wood cars has been tentatively finalized (how's that for an oxymoron?).  I say "tentatively" because, as always, operations are subject to weather and mechanical considerations.  The plan is to operate on May 26th (Memorial Day), June 7th & 8th, June 21st & 22nd, July 4th (informally "CA&E day"), July 5th (Trolley Pageant, no revenue operation currently planned), August 3rd (Vintage Transport Extravaganza), August 30th & 31st, September 1st (Labor Day), and September 20th (Members Day/Museum Showcase Weekend).

At the moment the 308 and 309 are slotted to hold down service with the 36 available as backup, at least once its compressor is swapped out.  The three-car "blue train" will likely make an appearance for the Trolley Pageant and for Members Day, though again that's dependent on mechanical and weather considerations.  Availability of the 319 will depend on how quickly roof work progresses.

As usual, there are plenty of slots available for motormen, conductors and trainmen, so if you're rules-qualified please make sure to sign up for a day or two during the year - thank you!


Jeron G. said...

Randy, can you post some photos & updates on the 24 as well as any word on how Bob Kutella is doing? Thanks!

Nicholaus Gawriluk said...

Hey Jeron,

Whats going on in the diesel department? Any big projects to look forward to in 2014?