Sunday, March 30, 2014

Actually Cleaning Up

Yesterday we had a good crowd of people working on the car cleaning crew, and so we managed to get to every car on the list the operating department had provided, something that doesn't always happen.  Let me see, it was 714 and 749, 431, 415, 4290 and 4412, 1268 and 1797, 308 and 309, and two singles.  Whew!  I'm more likely to leave out somebody who was on the crew, but Jeff Fryman was the foreman, with Tom Disch, Jim West, Dave Rogan, Ray Erickson, Dan Buck, Linda Evans, Steve Jirsa, and who am I forgetting?  Larry Stone of course!   Sorry!!!

It was hard to get people to stand still for very long, so I didn't try very hard.  Too much to do!

And then there were several other projects being pursued at the same time, for instance the track crew closing up the gap in the steam lead.  I'll let them post their own progress photos on that.  If you missed yesterday's cleaning session, there is one coming up in a couple of weeks to enable you to fulfill your patriotic duty. 

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