Thursday, March 13, 2014

Use Your Imagination

Not too many pictures today, so you'll have to use your imagination.  And if you're imaginative enough, you can even picture what spring might look like.  Not like this, to be sure!

Out at the Museum, however, work continues.  The last two repainted windows were installed in the 36, so that's an important milestone.  Frank may be out this weekend and start on the one remaining side door.  We're looking forward to being able to operate the car for the public occasionally this summer.

Mostly I worked on the 319 roof project, though.  Some woodwork still needs to be done, in particular the curved tack moldings for the #1 end.  I cut out the pieces to fit the arched ends, as seen here.  They were then taken home for further work which can be done using my home table saw and hand-held router.  On this end the tack molding was a single piece, but I have been unable to acquire a big enough piece of poplar, so it will be made in two pieces and lapped together.

And I worked on some miscellaneous wood parts of the roof.  I was able to finish planing down the upper edge of the lower tack molding, and then sanded it down with the Department's belt sander.  It's good exercise.

Warren and Rich brought two trolley bases from the field into the shop, and had more or less completed rebuilding one by the time I left.  These will be used on a pair of recently acquired L cars, although I don't remember which type.  Since none of the newer cars ever had overhead pickup, some engineering has to be done to provide them with trolley poles.

Well, tomorrow I'm off to Arizona to visit my daughter.  There probably won't be a lot of railfanning, but perhaps I can post something of interest from the Valley of the Sun.  It'll be a welcome change! 


Anonymous said...

2200 series

Joel Ahrendt said...

We have about 2/3 of the pit chipped out. People might say, just wait for the ice to melt and pump it out. But, I can't be assured that it would be melted before I need to use it. So we have been shipping out the ice, and carrying it out. They ran a plow train on Saturday, and we might be able to open ont he first weekend.