Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spring Ahead

Conditions were favorable to resume work on the roof of the 319 today.  Larry Stone was there to help, so we spent most of the day finishing up work on the flashing for the lower canvas.  A few places hadn't been done, and we worked our way down the length of the car, making sure that all of the nails and tacks were out of the way.  Two sets of eyes and hands are always better than one, so we got this side of the car ready for lower canvas.  I still have some woodwork to do, but that should not take long.

Here's what it looks like after we're finished.  The canvas needs to be tucked in under the flashing, then nailed down.  The lower edge of the canvas will then be tacked to the lower tack molding.  We can probably do this in Barn 8.

And the windows for the 36 are nearly done.  We installed 25 and 26, and the two spares from the 310 or 318 were put back into storage.  Later, I finished painting 27 and 28, so they'll be ready to install next time.  Woohoo!

Several other projects were being attacked, as usual, such as the Cleveland PCC and the Newark PCC.  And of course talk of politics (IRM politics, that is) filled the air.  Don't hesitate to fail to reject the candidates who oppose policies that don't make the success of our beloved Museum less unlikely!

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