Thursday, March 6, 2014

Trek Into the Unknown

Today seemed like a good time to go out to Yard 14 to check on the 321, especially since I recently received this inspirational artwork from our friend Tim Fennell.  This time I remembered to bring my snow shoes.


 The first landmark we reach on this route is the signal shed at South Jct.  That's funny, I remember there being tracks somewhere around here. 

And next we pass this wig-wag.

Followed by a switch stand and a dwarf signal.  It doesn't look like anybody has been this way for months.   But at least we haven't got lost yet.

At last we're in Yard 14.  Snowdrifts are everywhere, and often fairly deep.

As usual, I checked the tarp and its straps, and climbed up a nearby boxcar to check the top.  All appears to be OK.   And inside, it's about the same as always.  And there are places to sit down and relax.

I suspect I'm not the only one who has become a little weary of this winter weather.
Meanwhile, back in the barn, the floor of the inspection pit has a thick layer of ice on the floor.   This makes inspection work even more challenging than usual.  Be sure your skates are sharpened. 

Everybody needs a hobby.  I've decided to take up back surgery.  I'm hoping it's something you can learn by trial and error, as long as you have a supply of patients with bad backs willing to be operated on.
Here's one with some serious back problems.  Evidently some miscreant pulled way too hard on the seat handle, pulling the large screws out of the wood and splitting the back frame.  And I have little experience with rattan upholstery, so let's take it to the shop for examination.
It looks painful.  I will have to carefully pull back the rattan, which is held to the wood with large numbers of tiny tacks.  This will be time consuming, so the back was taken home so it can be worked on there.

 Almost everything about the seats in the 36 is different from the later Hale & Kilburn models in the later cars.  Here we see that the side brackets are not fastened to the back with screws, but instead slide into a matching bracket attached to the frame.  Anyway, this is the only seat in the car with a serious problem.  The others need to be cleaned and repainted, and should look fine.

 And then there was the ongoing project of repainting all the windows.  25 through 28 got new paint on each side.  25 and 26 will be ready for installation next time. 

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Joel Ahrendt said...

We've actually started chipping the ice out, because it will be easier to remove the ice than it would the water.. at least that's what I think.