Tuesday, December 30, 2014

36 Progress -- and More!

After another two days' of work, the smoker is getting close to completion.   Everything except a couple of arm rests (and the floor) now has at least one finish coat.  I finished a second coat on the ceiling (the "upper" color) and most of the middle color.

  Much of the middle color will probably require a third coat, it appears, and the bottom needs a second coat everywhere.

Of course, in these pictures it's difficult to tell the difference between one or more finish coats.  You have to see it in person.

All you have to do is take a day off, and all sorts of things are liable to happen behind your back.  Sunday must have been busy.   The 972 was switched into Barn 4 over the pit late Saturday, as reported here, and on Sunday the newly-rebuilt EIB trucks were put under it.  Then the Liner was pulled out of 71, everything on 41 was put into Barn 7, including the 972, and the Liner is now on 41 (R), waiting to go over the pit for motor work.   Whew!

(As Joel points out, we need a Sunday reporter.  Qualifications include having a digital camera, good communication skills, and a commitment to digging up dirt.  Excellent benefits, flexible work hours, and training for rapid advancement.  We are an equal-opportunity exploiter.)

And here is the 972 in Barn 7.  The motors and brake rigging remain to be connected, but that can be accomplished during inspection and preparation for service.  This will be a valuable addition to our operating fleet.


Today Tim continued to paint the new windows for the 24...

and Jeff was polishing up the brass latches for windows on the Michigan car.

So that's about it for this year.  We can guarantee that 2015 will be even bigger and better, or your money back. 


Anonymous said...

My december R&W camee rolling in yesterday and I thank you for the continuing coverage of the 972, it is great to see another streetcar coming back to operational status.

Ted Miles
IRM Member for 2015

David Fullarton said...

There's also some electric car dept. happenings over in barn 2. The CTA 2000s' paint prep is well underway, with primer and green-and-white paint likely to be applied as early as next week.