Saturday, December 20, 2014

Are You Busy Enough?

This is probably the busiest time of the year.  Happy Holidays!!!  In the morning, I had a rehearsal for our Christmas choral concert, and the afternoon was spent in utter solitude, sanding and painting.  But for half a day, a lot got done.

 After sanding down the smoker door and its frame, it got a first coat of primer.  The smoker is nearing completion, and this bulkhead is just about the only part that hasn't gotten first finish, at least.  

The rest of the outer rod of the hat rack on one side was scraped clean and sanded down to bare brass, although it may not look very uniform.  After painting, however, it will look fine.

The rack was later painted with primer, and the bulkhead window in the picture above got a first coat of finish color.  But time was running short, so I didn't get a picture of them.   Next time, I promise.

The pit heater is now connected to the gas line and has been tested.  Once the tarps are in place and the air hose has been connected, it will be operational, he said hopefully.

The first project will be to put the newly rebuilt trucks under the 972.  You can just feel how impatient they must be.

New windows for the 24 are being completed even as we speak.  I'm not sure who that is behind the glare, but he sure looks happy!

And Bill was helping with parts.  Notice all the nice shiny window latches on the ledge in front of him.  This car will surely be one of the crown jewels of the Museum's collection. 

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Anonymous said...

it looks like there are new wheels on those trucks. Did they get changed from streetcar narrow tread to railroad wide tread? As has been done with other cars at the museum.

Ted Miles
IRM Member