Saturday, December 27, 2014

Caution, Wet Paint

 ♫  On the third day of Christmas
              My true love gave to me...  ♫
Permission to go out to the Museum, so don't hold me back!


The day was spent painting the interior of the 36, as usual, so you can probably supply your own captions by now.

(R) This is the first arm rest to get finish color.  It's exactly the same color as the seat frame to the left, but the lighting is different.

It wasn't until 4PM that I was able to leave the barn and see what other people are doing.

Tim Peters is a one-man factory.  He has fabricated, glazed, painted and stained all of these new windows for the 24.

Eric Lorenz is making great progress on the Cleveland PCC.  There are hundreds of holes to be drilled and tapped, but the various ceiling panels are being installed, as we see here.

 As part of a switch move, the 604 is being pushed into Barn 4 on the pit lead.

 And here is the 972; this will probably be the last time you see it sitting on these shop trucks.  It was on its way into Barn 4, over the pit, where it will be put onto its proper trucks and made ready for service.  Rod and the other department regulars are making this a priority, so we should have more to report soon.  Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Is it safe to say that the shops trucks will next be seen under the 354 ?

Randy Stahl

Joel Ahrendt said...

The truck swap is done, and we had an even bigger switch move on Sunday. You should get a Sunday reporter that has a camera to take all that action :)