Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiday Luncheon

 Today was the annual Holiday Luncheon potluck for the Wednesday crew, and a large crowd was on hand to enjoy the festivities.  I'm not usually able to be out on Wednesdays, so there were a lot of faces that were new to me.  That's good, we're getting new members!

 Everybody likes to eat, but still somehow there seemed to be more food than people to consume it.  A good time was had by all, of course.

Bob Bruneau was the guest of honor.

This is certainly the classiest dining area this side of Central Avenue!

But most of the time I was doing more painting.   Here are some newly-repainted window shade tracks.  Others were stripped, and yet others got first primer.  

This almost looks like there's a mirror, but this half of the smoker bulkhead has hinged windows on both sides for some reason.  One side is usually held in place with screws, but I wanted to get it loose for painting eventually, and also to attach the fire extinguisher permanently so it won't get stolen.

And here's the window on the other side with fresh primer.

 The car has eight stationary corner seats, and I started sanding down the first one today, for repainting.  Seven of them are supported by these classy turned table legs at the corner. 

And why there's one exception I couldn't say.  Just another mystery.

Work continues on the pit heater.  The gas piping installation is complete.  Earlier information was incorrect; the heater itself will be at floor level and stationary, and hot air will be directed into the pit through a large flexible hose.

Finally, here we see a typical prospective visitor studying the new IRM calendar for 2015.  Not only does it clearly have one of the best pictures in the last twelve years, (thanks, Nigel!) but it's chock full of interesting events and information.  If you're a member, you'll be receiving one in the mail.  And be sure to tell your friends!


Anonymous said...

Windows are hinged so that you can clean the tobacco smoke skuz off the glass.


Randall Hicks said...

That's true, of course, but if only one of the fixed windows is hinged, as is the case everywhere else, you can still access all of the surfaces for cleaning.