Thursday, March 3, 2016

36 Report

Work continues on the 36.  Yesterday I finished painting the walls.  With the available light it looks pretty good, but it's entirely possible that when I can pull the car outside and look at it in natural light, there will be places that need another coat.  That happened with the 319.  But for now only the floor remains to be painted.  Here we see the #2 bulkhead with a second coat of finish colors.

Last week I ran out of time before the grid box could be finished; one of the elements was warped and later broke.  This has been fixed, and the box was bolted together and should be ready for installation.

And then a second coat of primer on the floor, until the primer gave out.  That won't happen again.

Jeff and Norm were working on the Michigan car as usual; new steel parts are being fabricated and fitted for the baggage door on the left side of the car.

And the Charles City Western crew are making progress on the locomotive's control system.  Here's a picture of the grid boxes, mounted on the side of one of the hoods.

And inside one of the hoods, the compressor and MG set.

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Kirk Warner said...

The 36 looks so much better with the work with you have done. I look forward to seeing it when I come up for the annual meeting. Keep up the great work!