Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Classification Signs

Almost four years ago, I started making two sets of the later classification signs that would be mounted in front of the motorman, as explained in an earlier post.  Lettering was completed on one set, and they have been used on the 319 for revenue service.   There's no doubt that in the final configuration the 319 used these signs.

However, we never have found photographic evidence for the 36 in the later blue paint scheme.  I would be happy to install the dash lights and folding signs, if that were the correct configuration on the car.  But while stripping paint on various parts of the 36's vestibule, it struck me that we have the physical evidence right here.

 The little brackets on the 36 that hold the signs have traces of blue paint beneath the final red, and therefore the window signs must have been used during the final blue paint scheme.  Problem solved!  I need to have more brackets made to supply the 319, but that won't take much time or money.

And I have finished lettering both sets of the signs, one for the 36 and one for the 319.  That's a fun thing to do at home.

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