Tuesday, March 8, 2016

More Paint

Don't you just love pictures of painting progress, a little here, a little there?   I sure do, so that's why I'm glad to share them with everybody else.  If only Michaelangelo had thought of keeping a blog while he was painting the Sistine Chapel, he probably would have had hundreds, nay thousands of online friends.  But I digress.

The Sistine Chapel it ain't, but the main compartment of the 36 got a first coat of finish brown for the first few sections.  This is the extent of the second primer, so from here on west I switched to brown primer and finished the second coat in the rest of the car.

For a break, I finished the number on the #2 bulkhead.  It could use a little touch-up around the edges of the black, but on the whole I think it turned out well.

The colors are washed out by the flash, since I couldn't have 600V lighting today, but compare this to the number at the other end, which was in good enough condition to keep.

And here's what the floor looks like, once I've painted myself out of the car.  So let's go see if anything else is going on.

Over on the 28, Norm and Jeff are studying how best to remove the heavy piece of new I-beam so it can be prepped in the shop for riveting.

 Helped by Dan Fenlaciki.

It was a beautiful day, so I walked over to the new barns to see how the electrical installation is doing.  The EXIT signs are all in place and lighted; I suppose they'll remain lighted for the rest of our natural lives.  Anyway, Max says we're just waiting for the light fixtures now, the rest of the wiring is done.   In the pictures below, I believe the first two are 14 and the last is 13.  

But as usual, I could be wrong.

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