Thursday, March 17, 2016

Lights On

Wednesday was another productive day at IRM.  I started by modifying the last grid box we rebuilt, since it didn't quite fit the mounting bolts.  The mica washers were rearranged, and I checked the dimensions more carefully, so it should fit fine.  And then I finished painting the floor with finish brown.  Except for some minor touch-up here and there, the main compartment is now finished, at least until I can get the car outside into the sunshine.

It's been very windy, and on the way in I noticed that the horizontal strap on the 321 had come loose.  But I managed to get it back together.   Here it is, trying to float away.

And then it was back to work on the #1 vestibule of the 36.  There are lots of pipes and fixtures of various sorts that need to be stripped, or at least cleaned, before painting.   Before and after:

Lots of other things are going on.   Norm and Jeff continue to work on the Michigan Electric 28.  In the foreground you can see a couple of the smaller metal parts being carefully prepared for assembly.

Gerry Dettloff and John Faulhaber are putting together the brake rigging for the Lake Shore Electric box trailer.

Tim is putting together the control system on the 24.  It will have to be moved off the pit soon so that inspections can begin.  What fun!?!

And Dan Fenlaciki was working on the motor truck frame.

And saving the best for last, we now have lights in the new barns.  The lights are on in 14, as seen here.  The contractor was finishing up connections for the outside lights.  In 13, the lights are in place, and Max was finishing the connections on his side of the main panel.  And I heard that the Fire Dept. inspectors had been there to verify compliance with the fire rules.  So it's getting close!

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