Monday, March 28, 2016

Doodlebug Update

Want to see some more M-35 doodlebug news?   I know you do!  Gregg writes:

On the left side engine room door of M-35 is a sliding track. This was removed years ago when we replaced the engine. The base of the engine can be seen in the upper part of the picture.

The guide is now in place. This involved drilling and tapping new holes to mount it. By the way, the whole side of the engine room "wall" is also a door. It swings open so that access to the engine is easier.   But built into the "wall" is a sliding door for persons to enter the car.

Along the top of the walls of the car are blocks of wood, which are bolted to the steel. These blocks are needed for the tack molding to be attached to. The canvas roofing material is then tacked to the molding. Each of these blocks are different lengths and must be notched out where they sit on the wall due to rivets. About half of the blocks had to be replaced due to rot. 

This is a closeup of one of the blocks. Each one was primed and painted prior to placement.   Hopefully they will last another 89 years!

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Kirk Warner said...

It is great to see visible progress on the M-35. Does Gregg intend to install the wood carlines, wood roof and then canvas covering?