Monday, October 3, 2016

Cars in the Collection

Photos of cars in the IRM collection sent to us by Art Peterson.

All Images Copyright by the Krambles-Peterson Archive

Art has sent us several pictures of North Shore work equipment from the archives.

First, a picture dating to 1924 of line car 604 at work, digging a hole near Beach Road.  Car 19 is to the left; this was one of the earliest C&ME interurban cars, a combine built by Pullman in 1900.  In 1911 it was rebuilt to a work car, as seen here.   It was out of service in 1927 and scrapped in 1938.  The 604 was built by the C&ME in 1914 and is, of course, still with us.


The 604 at Highwood.   Undated photo by GK.

The 229 in later years was the Highwood shop switcher.  Here it sits on its little siding in February of 1950.   Photo by T. H. Desnoyers.

The 213 is the only preserved end-door MD car, from the first series, built in 1920.   Here it is on the L structure at Wilson, c. 1925.

And at Milwaukee in October 1934. 

And then two pictures of the 213 pulling sleet-cutter duty in Milwaukee, Jan. 1947, by GK.

 We're not sure exactly which car this is, but it could be the 213 being loaded/unloaded at Montrose, in a photo dated Sept. 2, 1927 by AFS.  Since this is during Prohibition, Art wonders what could be in that barrel going into the refrigerated car at left.


And finally, a couple of pictures of the piggyback flatcar 1502.   First at Buena, then one at Highwood dated 1926.


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A rare shot of 604 with the derrick (sp) on the opposite side from where it is in nearly every other picture out there.