Friday, October 28, 2016

Our Fort Wayne Cars

More photos of cars in the IRM collection sent to us by Art Peterson.

All Images Copyright by the Krambles-Peterson Archive

For today, we have pictures of cars in the IRM collection that ran on lines out of Fort Wayne, Ind.

Fort Wayne Van Wert and Lima car 91 at Lima in 1932

And at Spy Run (Fort Wayne) on Oct. 17, 1935, after service was abandoned.

And then, a picture of the brand-new Fort Wayne and Wabash Valley 504, at the Indianapolis terminal.

And just to change the subject, Bill Wall sends us a picture from New York City, of all places:


Anonymous said...

are any of the Fort Wayne cars runnable or restorable?

C Kronenwetter

Randall Hicks said...

You can see what they look like from the photo albums available in the interurban cars roster on Nothing has changed since the latest photos posted there. The exterior of the 504 was beautifully restored, but the interior is not complete and we don't have all of the electrical and mechanical equipment necessary to make it operational, I believe. But it makes a great static display.

Anonymous said...

Since the subject is baseball; back in the days of the Pacific Coast league, the San Francisco Seals used to play a day game at their stadium at 16th street then take to streetcars down to the Ferry Building, for the Key system ferry to Oakland and a Key car for a night game with the Oakland Oaks. A double header on Sundays. When was the last time you heard of one of those?

Ted Miles, San Francisco

Randall Hicks said...

We have to defer to David Wilkins on this subject. He's our designated hitter for vintage base ball. (Yes, and I know that's an oxymoron...)