Friday, October 7, 2016

More IT Cars in Service

More photos of cars in the IRM collection sent to us by Art Peterson.

All Images Copyright by the Krambles-Peterson Archive

Here are the rest of the in-service shots of Illinois Terminal cars now at IRM.


It's November 21, 1943, and the 277 is at Peoria, loading passengers for the Illmo Limited to St. Louis.

The 277 and its trailer are grinding up the hill at Matheny.  (Paul Stringham)


The 415 is southbound on Vermilion St. in Danville, signed for the local run to Tilton about three miles away.  Photo by George Krambles on Oct. 6, 1934.  The Illinois Valley line abandoned service on May 13, 1934, so this is only a few months after the car was moved downstate, rebuilt, and renumbered.  But it still has the arched upper sash windows with which it was built ten years earlier.

On the same day, the 415 and 303 are waiting at the IT station, which is also the IPL office.

And in an undated photo by Bill Janssen, the 415 is "near Danville", presumably on the bridge over the Vermilion.


The Peoria is waiting for a run at 12th and Franklin in St. Louis.  Art estimates this is about 1935.  (Bob Mehlenbeck)


The 518 at Decatur, March 4, 1950.  (T. Desnoyers)  This would be the front end of the car in regular service, but at IRM it's always facing the rear, so that the pole can be used for back-up movements with the 277.


Finally, a head-on view of the Class B on the east belt line at Springfield, Oct. 9, 1949.  (T. Desnoyers)

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Anonymous said...

Interesting to see the 415 with the arches. I think the pattern is the same as on the Fox River cars. Not that it should happen, but I wonder if the 415 could be restored to an era with the arch windows, simply by replacing them.