Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Aurora Trailer

Aurora, Colorado has on display in its nice new History Museum a streetcar trailer from Denver Tramways.   The car was built in 1913 by Woeber, a Denver carbuilder that seems to have supplied equipment only to local Colorado roads.  This car was in use until 1932, and then stored until 1950, when it was purchased by a doctor in Aurora who built it into his new house for use as a bedroom.   By the time the body was acquired by the museum, it was in wretched shape, with doors and passageways cut into the sides.  It was restored in three years by a group of sixteen local volunteers, to the condition seen here.  And it even has its own picture window in the building. 

The restoration job was very thorough.  All of the interior seats were rebuilt, as many as they had remaining frames for.   Part of the front of the car has no seats, but most of it is complete.

A few pictures of the underframe follow.   The museum tour guide said that the trucks under the car came from somewhere in the state of Washington, but couldn't be more specific.  In any case, this car is certainly the local museum's centerpiece.

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