Monday, December 12, 2016

New Window Frames

Here's a quick update on the 150: the second clerestory frame is finished, and has been stained.   The first has been fitted and now has a first coat of varnish.   

It looks like my next hobby will be learning how to etch glass.  It may not be that difficult: evidently they sell all the supplies you need for doing this at home, including an etching cream that you spread over the surface.  The most popular use seems to be etching names and logos on drinking glasses and jars and so forth, but I will be trying to reproduce complicated patterns from 1906.  What could be more fun that that?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the patterns for the etching mask could be cut something like they do for vinyl lettering. It is an interesting challenge. The varnished frame and the brass hardware look really great. I hope you don't stop with just this window.