Saturday, December 17, 2016

Holiday Shop Report

Today we have pictures of several different projects that people were working on, mostly in the shop.

Victor is painting the stand for his chop saw for working on the Pennsy bobber.  He points out that this yellow is actually an official PRR color called "Camp Car Yellow".  

I painted the 319 vestibule parts that were in primer.  This is a nice festive red, isn't it?

Tim is making good progress on assembling new L car doors.

Inside the 319, I did some more stripping and sanding.

And this door got a first coat of finish red.

Jeff is drilling holes in a replacement beam for the Michigan car.   Behind it you can see the rusted out parts that were removed.  

In the morning, I attended a department meeting to discuss plans for next year.  And one of those plans seems to be a renewed emphasis on cleanliness.  Buzz is in charge of the shop, and he would like the "Lean-2" area cleaned out for tools only, so I emptied our shelf and took everything out to the 150.   Frank and I had been storing various tools and parts here from back when we were doing shop projects on a regular basis.  

Chris and Dan are working on parts for L car third rail beams.

And the Happy Holiday operation was in full swing.  We have several trolley buses available for service on this, the only operating trolley bus line in any museum.   This is the last trolley coach to operate in Chicago.

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