Friday, December 30, 2016

Year in Review: Highlights of 2016

Whatever else might have been going on, 2016 was a great year at IRM.  So let's celebrate!  Be sure to chime in with comments on anything we've missed!
  • Barns 13 and 14 were completed and occupied, putting another 4000' of track under cover.
  • Track construction: Yard 15, part of the new car line, and most dramatically, double-track girder rail in a paved street.
  • The Santa Fe sign
  • Completion and dedication of NWERR 24
  • First operation of CCW 300, LSE 810, and the Metra Highliners
  • First operation in many years of Milwaukee 972
  • Operating crossing gates
  • Acquisition of the B-71 box-cab Diesel
  • In the various department shops, many projects made significant progress during the year, too many to list.
  • Under new management, Rail and Wire is bigger and better than ever.
  • And in operational news, the 1630 pulled the longest steam-hauled freight train in the country in (probably) at least 50 years: 135 hoppers!


Philip Cwikowski said...

1630 pulled the longest freight train since the mid 90's. 3985 pulled a 143 car train around that time. However 1630 has pulled the longest train since then, which makes it the longest train in probably 25 years or so.

The Steam Department was also able to acquire and bring to the property the new 130 ft long turntable. A major step towards the construction of the round house and steam servicing areas.

Richard Penn said...

Work is close to finishing up on the Shay and is progressing well for the 428 allowing both to hopefully run soon.

Richard Penn said...

I was just re-reading Rail & Wire and found one more great change coming in 2017, the plan for a track department barn and yard to be built.

Randall Hicks said...

I would not count on that being built in 2017, but necessary work will continue to clean up and sort out all the material stored in that area in preparation for construction. The Track and B&G people have already accomplished a great deal in that direction.