Saturday, December 3, 2016

Safety Messages

Today we have a couple of safety messages for you.  But don't worry, this won't be anything grim.  First of all, just to be safe, you should either sign up to help with the Happy Holiday trains or buy some tickets to ride, or else Santa may decide you don't get any nice presents this year.   These trains take a lot of effort, so thanks to all those who make them possible.   It seems that several people are running every trip on every day this winter! 

While waiting for the train to arrive, visitors get to take pictures of their families on the front platform of the engine parked near the loading area.

Here's the train approaching the loading platforms along Depot St.

We seemed to be having good crowds today.

Here's our friend Larry Stone acting as conductor.

The trolley bus carries people from the parking lot to the diner annex, where there's food and hot chocolate, and holiday entertainment and so on.

Our second safety message is this: "DO NOT PASS FROM CAR TO CAR".  Now I have a confession to make: I ignore this message all the time, even when the train is running.  But I work here, so do as I say, not as I do.  Anyway, this was the last lettering needed in the #2 vestibule of the 36, so today I finished it off.   

And then the blue sign was installed.

A few months ago we had to replace the whistle valve, and the piping hadn't been painted blue.

So with that done, this vestibule is finished.  The #1 vestibule needs a door or two to be repaired in the shop, so that will get done over the winter.

Meanwhile, it's time to start finishing up the vestibules in the 319.

Various parts need to be stripped, sanded, and repainted.

This may take a while, but as I have said, at least it's easy to warm up the vestibules for comfortable work, no matter how cold it may be outside.

And of course, other people are working in the nice warm car shop.  This is just a sample:

Buzz is making new doors for the Marengo Depot.  Here he is using our big mortising machine.

Jeff is drilling holes in one of the new steel beams for the Michigan car.

And Mike is outside, wiring up the signals for the new switch machine at the south wye.

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