Monday, December 26, 2016

Let's Have a Parade

Our local newspaper, the Naperville Sun, printed this picture from the Aurora Historical Society.   The date is said to be December 25, 1941.  What I notice immediately, apart from the marching bells, are the tracks in the street and the overhead wire.

The location is easy to determine: we're looking south on Broadway, from a point just south of Fox.  In the distance is the Burlington overpass across Broadway; above the overpass is the Firestone sign, etc.  But the date seems wrong.  The CA&E had stopped running down the middle of Broadway on Dec. 31st, 1939, two years (minus a week) before, and it seems unlikely that the track and especially the wire would still be in place.  (City service stopped in 1934.)  It would be nice to have a more definite year, but in any case, as the bells are saying, Merry Christmas!

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