Sunday, October 14, 2018

More Milwaukee Day Photos

From our friend Chuck Amstein, more pictures from yesterday.   Usual warnings apply.

Also, here's a link to his video.


Matthew Gustafson said...

Great Pictures Mr Hicks, too bad I missed out this years event. Were Barns 11 and 13 open for the public and there was a motor bus transport to those barns like what we did last year or did we not do it this year? Plus I’m surprised we did not bring out Milwaukee Electric Railway 1129 and 1135 for display? Do you know what issues are with those cars.

Ted Miles said...

The arrangement of the trolley poles on the L7 sure is different!

Anyone have any ideas why they did that?

I believe the steeple cab was home built in the Cold Spring shops.

Ted Miles, IRM Member

sd45elect2000 said...

I assume that since the 972 is broken the new rebuilt trucks can go under the 354?

R Stahl

Anonymous said...

The trucks under the 354 were specifically rebuilt for the 354. The 354 is nearly 10,000 pounds heavier than the 972. The trucks will not be switched. The 354 will get wide tires installed as soon as proper sized shop trucks are available. The wheel sets will be sent to R&W Machine for this work.

Gerry Dettloff

sd45elect2000 said...

I would strip the trucks out from under the 972 and get it supported on blocks- off the bolsters and strip the wheels for the 354. I'm sure the 972 is as bad off as all the existing 900 cars are, I have firsthand experience with 978.

I certainly wouldn't let the new motors go to waste.

R Stahl

Joel Ahrendt said...

L7s poles are elevated due to having a pantograph between them. The pan does not exist anymore, so when time permits, it will be replicated.
We are planning on leaving the 972s trucks under the 972. When shop trucks become available, we will be pulling the 354 trucks and having the tires we have on hand put on.
Thank you for your comments and questions.

Randall Hicks said...

I'm glad to see people submitting questions and comments, and we generally try to answer them when we can. I really appreciate guys like Joel and Richard contributing reliable information on the projects I'm not familiar with.

In other news, I dropped off the rebuilt patterns at the foundry today. Don Meskan said it would probably be three or four weeks before they can get around to casting them.

And Matt asked about issues with the 1129 and 1135. Those cars have every conceivable issue and then some. You name it, it's a problem. Sorry.