Tuesday, May 14, 2013


David writes....

No, Frank and Randall have not hatched some plot of revenge and deceit on me, yet.  No, Betrayal is the name of the ABC Networks pilot that was partially filmed at IRM recently.  In fact, ABC just released a trailer, including scenes filmed at IRM!  The pilot is based upon a Dutch series, dealing with adultery, lies, deceit, and of course, betrayal.  Of course, we here at the Hicks Car Works are a family-friendly blog and do not condone any of those things. Here is the trailer:  WARNING: This trailer may be considered "Not Safe for Work" or NSFW.  We apologize for not pointing this out earlier.  After investigation, we determined the fault

 lies with low-level employees in our Cincinnati office.

Tip of the hat to IRM's First Lady, Gwyn Stupar for finding this!

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Anonymous said...

The zephyr has a steam whistle?

John Csoka