Thursday, May 23, 2013

Over the Pit - Pt. 2

In the morning, there were several miscellaneous tasks to complete.  Among other things, Rod helped me fix a sticking whistle valve on the 308.  Frank and Al soon arrived to help complete the inspection.

The division of labor usually optimizes efficiency.  We've found that it works best if Frank lubricates the armature bearings, mostly because he's not old and fat.

I help by handing him tools and urging him to work harder.  Then for the axle caps, we switch roles.  And everybody's happy!

Al Reinschmidt took these pictures, of course.

And when inspection is completed, the car looks like this:

Meanwhile, Max is using the auger to dig the holes for the line pole bases along Central.  That seems to be going well.

With inspection of the 308 complete, we wanted to put the train together for service this Monday.  Here the 309 is pulling out of the barn.

Unfortunately, a grid opened up on one side of the 309.  This box had been patched before.  It was noticed during inspection, of course, but I was hoping the fixes would last for a while.  Frank was able to make another repair, but we are planning to start constructing a replacement box for this car immediately.  We know exactly what parts we need, and have most of them readily available.  In June, I'll try to inspect the 319 as soon as possible so the 309 can be retired until the new grid box is ready.  But for now, the 308 and 309 should be ready for service.

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