Sunday, May 19, 2013

Evanston Streetcars

A reader writes in with questions about Evanston city cars.  Can anyone help?

I'm looking for good side photos of the Evanston Street Cars made by St. Louis in the teens. I want to convert a nice western hobbytown O scale trolley into a lookalike.  I thought that you might be able to help.  Do you have any or could refer me to some?
The car that I really want to model was the rejects that were sent to Green Bay.

My big question is about the doors: it appears that there were double doors on the front end and single doors in the rear.  Usually trolleys are double ended so that the pattern is reversed on the other side. But it seems on the Evanston cars that they have a front and a back and the front has double doors on both sides and the back has single doors on both sides.

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