Friday, May 10, 2013

Southern Hospitality

 Today's activities were basically more of the same.  I attached a couple more roundels, as seen here on the signal display.

  And there was more painting on the 36.  Several parts of the vestibule interior were reinstalled and painted with brown primer, as seen here.  As illuminated by flash, however, the brown matches the old red paint rather closely, however.  And there was cleaning and straightening to do.

During the week the Museum is open to visitors, but the barns are not open and nothing is operating, and we don't charge admission.  We had a couple of volunteers from the Spencer Shops in North Carolina come to visit, however.  Spencer is one place I would really like to see.  It's part of the NC state museum system, and occupies the Southern's old main shop buildings.  We're always glad to see people from other museums, and I showed them around the wood shop and Barn 4.  Naturally, they wanted to see the Y-3, so I took them over to Barn 9.  While we were there, luckily we ran into Nick.  I had things to do, so I left them with our Executive Director, and more than an hour later I noticed he was still showing them around.  So I believe they must have got their money's worth!

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