Thursday, May 23, 2013

Over the Pit - Pt. 1

 Well, here we are over the pit.  It's the only place to be for detailed inspection of the mechanical equipment.  Since this car has only one motor truck, I was able to do most of the major equipment on Wednesday.  Motors, contactors, reverser, brake system, and so on.  There were no significant problems found, at least nothing that wasn't already known.  For a car that's now 107 years old, it's in remarkably good condition.

Since this was Wednesday, there were many projects being actively pursued, for which you'll have to check out the Department Blogs.  We had a visitor from England, Tim Humphreys (L) who is seen here with Henry Vincent.  Mr. Humphreys also spent some time talking to his long-lost relative Victor.

And Tim Peters continues work on the 1024, or 24 as it will be known.  One end platform is down to the steel frame, and plans are being made to weld new steel to support the platform.  Then it will get all new wood.

Some people are so careless.  They just toss things out onto the road, creating accident hazards for everybody else.

Oh, wait.  It appears that Max is in the process of installing new steel line poles along Central Avenue, and these concrete sections will form the foundation for the poles.  Sorry, I take it all back.

After a long hard day of mechanical work, it's nice to take a stroll through the countryside and admire the beauties of nature  At IRM, that's not very far away!

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