Monday, May 20, 2013

Evanston cars or is this what you were looking for?

Al writes...

Don't know how to put photos into a comment so I'll create a new post. These 2 shots were posted at the Facebook Chicago Streetcar Group several months ago.  I don't know who the photographer was. or if these are the St. Louis cars you were looking for.

Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

Those pics are both by the late Ed Frank. One is eastbound on Central Street near Bennett, and the other is northbound departing Fountain Square downtown.

Charles Sontag said...


That's what I am looking for. And it looks like there is a front end with 2 doors on both sides and a back end with one pair of doors. In one of the photos you can see through the front window to the doors and I see three windows.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

These may an answer to the question. While the front entry appears to be two doors wide there is only one drop step below the door nearest the end. It appears to be a sliding door while at the rear they may be folding doors.

Bob Kutella

Anonymous said...

These cars look to be set up for PAYE with rear entry. Like most Chicago Cars were.

David Church

Anonymous said...

They were indeed two-man PAYE cars, and they ran that way for their entire life. As to the front door, most were sliding doors, but some of the last ones on the roster appear to have had folding front doors.