Thursday, May 1, 2014

A-tacking the Canvas

The 319 is finally getting new canvas.  Now that it's dried out, it stretches nicely and can be tacked down.  I did about 2/3 of the upper edge today, as seen here. 

We're reusing the copper flashing, of course, which is built into the clerestory deck.  (L) After prepping it all last fall, the flashing is left bent up at an angle, and the new canvas is inserted under it and pushed into place with a screwdriver.  Then a generous bead of black caulk is laid over the canvas, and the flashing is pounded down onto it.  And then it's fastened down with plenty of tacks.

(R) Once the canvas is painted, this will make a nice tight waterproof seal. 

I also started tacking down the lower edge as a test.  Any wrinkles seen in the canvas above can easily be pulled out as the lower edge is being tacked. 

Tim has been hard at work on the running boards for the 24.  Here we see a test setup of the three pieces for one side, with the lap joints clearly visible, I think.  The material is Southern White Pine salvaged from old construction.  Tim has planed it and sanded it down.  He also pointed out that he has been doing so much sanding, he can cut out new pieces of sandpaper for the big sander without measuring, just by eye. 

Today was cold and rainy, so there was not much else going on.  But we had at least one visitor: a Southern Pacific fan who said he drove here all the way from Phoenix to see the Signal Dept's CTC machine that we got from the SP.   It's in Spaulding tower, and luckily I noticed Bob Olsen sitting in his truck, frustrated by all the rain.  So Bob graciously agreed to take him over there to look at it.  I didn't get his name, but I'm pretty sure he got to see what he wanted.  It's always nice to have satisfied customers!

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