Saturday, May 31, 2014

Monarchs of All We Survey

 Look closely, grasshopper: what's new in yard 14?  That's right, survey stakes!  We're making preparations for the construction of two new barns, and it's a more complicated project than you might think, but it will get done.

The usual reason I'm out here is to check on the 321.  The interior is dark and dank.  I'm surprised I'm not attacked by bats when I enter, but for the most part everything is is its same old dreary self. 

 The rebuilt wooden beam for a seat frame in the 36 was installed, and it seems to work just fine. 

I also had a chance to visit the track inspection car, but more about that later.

Most of the rest of the day was spent installing woodwork for the upper canvas on 319.  I installed the tack molding base for a little more than half the car, as seen here.  Sorry, after looking at the pictures, I realise I should do a better job of cleaning up after myself.  As usual.

By the way, tomorrow is the dedication ceremony for the West Towns car 141.  Frank Sirinek was the driving force behind this huge effort to make an operating streetcar out of a derelict body.  A lot of the mechanical and electrical systems had to be re-engineered, and everyone who helped on this project can be justly proud.  If you can, be there!

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