Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Road to Progress

 Coral Township has been repaving Olson Road, which certainly needed it, and in order to promote neighborly relations with our township, IRM assisted with the project.  We are getting a waiver of many oversize permit fees as a result of this effort.  Of course, Dave Diamond was the chief liaison officer for this project, and we also want to thank B&G member Tom Opolony for making the info sign!  (Photos by Dave Diamond)

In case it's not clear, the new paving job includes bypass lanes for southbound traffic at both the visitor entrance and the Museum Dr. entrance, and the pavement at Museum goes in past the gate for several feet.  So these are significant improvements.

That's what's happening outside.  Inside the property, our contractors are at work rebuilding Museum Drive (L) and relocating Railroad Ave. to the west (R).

The work on Museum Dr. is interesting because all traffic in or out has to go this way, and it's now essentially one lane.  (But if you don't like chaos, you've come to the wrong place!)  And I believe Railroad is being relocated to allow for an eventual run-around track to the west of the Steam Shop.  Of course, plans are always subject to change.  I also noticed that the current alignment of Railroad Ave. appears to run right over a Nicor gas line. 

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Keith Ziolkowski said...

I know IRM has "ideas" for the future, but has there ever been a timeline published to the public. I had been working with a volunteer theatre group that was restoring and renovating a 100+ year old building. They had a capital campaign with goals and targeted amounts. This helped corporate sponsors and small donors to give. Of Course, there were incentives for different levels of donation, some included naming rites for the correct $$ amount.

Has this been thought of or has anything like this been published?