Sunday, May 11, 2014

Open For Business

The Museum is open and ready to serve you.  From left to right, we have Chris Buck, Dave Cole, Dan Buck, and Jeff Fryman smiling at the opportunity to run trains on a beautiful spring day. 

Back in the shops, we're hard at work on various projects.  I finished attaching the upper edge of the lower canvas, and started on the lower edge.  

Brian Patterson came along and offered to help, so a lot of progress was made.   By the end of the day, we had half of the lower edge tacked, including one corner, which takes a lot of time and effort to do neatly.  Thanks, Brian!

So I had some time to spend working on the seats in the 309.  There are now only two that have to be fastened in place; the others all seem to reverse more or less freely.  One problem I found is that one of the seat cushion frames was completely cracked, as perhaps you can see here, due to excessive weight.  I hadn't seen this happen before.  Luckily we have several spare cushions from the 300 that we got from Mid-Continent.

Then I started on 36 seats for a little.  These brackets do not have rollers like the later models, so lubrication is important.  I believe we should be able to get all of them working, though.  At Cleveland they were all fastened down with cable ties so they couldn't be reversed.

And then we have views of roof work on cars 24 and 28.  They're both at the stage of installing roof hardware.

And of course there were many other activities in full swing!  There's just no substitute for being there in person.

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