Monday, May 26, 2014

Busy, Busy Day

Today was a busy day.  Who could have seen that coming???  We had a good crowd of visitors, but the steam train and the 308-309 were the only mainline trains running, so we had little time for relaxation or even picture-taking.  Bob Opal and Dave Cole were my fellow crewmen and did a great job, but I never even got around to taking the obligatory crew picture.  So sue me.   

For technical reasons, there was a single 4000 operating in Union shuttle service, and two streetcars.  Attendance was good, so the crews kept themselves occupied throughout the day, in spite of the threatening weather.  It's good that we have three different routes to offer in this case.
 This couple happened to catch my attention, of course.  I was tempted to ask them if they were related to David Wilkins, but decided not to.  Maybe they're just from Kentucky.

This picture didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but here we have passengers on the 309 eagerly watching the 1630 as it passes us at Johnson.  Everybody seemed to be having a good time.

This was a good day for bird-watching, too.  I saw a couple of red-tailed hawks (my favorites), a crane, and a pair of cardinals, as well as the usual assortment of redwing blackbirds, meadowlarks, and so on.  Meadowlarks have got to be the lowest-IQ birds around.  They continue to place their nests near or between the rails, and are then astonished when a gigantic train fails to respond to their puny threatening displays.  When will they ever learn?

From now until Labor Day IRM will be running daily electric car service, and many sorts of special events will be taking place on weekends.  See the IRM website for details.  Bring your friends and family, you'll be glad you did!

David adds......

I don't think they are related, they just have good taste in fashion, much like the below photograph of me, taken on Derby Day this year at our Kentucky Derby Party, the only one in Salt Lake City:


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Art said...

I like the car-card advertisement in the picture of the 309. And it's on the left side, where it belongs.

Congratulations to the Steam Team for their efforts in getting the 1630 back in operation.