Thursday, July 16, 2015

36 Report

Over the past couple of days, what is currently the north side of the 36 got its letterboard finished with the word "Elgin"; it still needs the black outlining though.  And then I put a second coat of grey on the windows posts and window sill on this side.

Also I partly disassembled the defective grid box to check the measurements of the mica tubes, with Rod's help.  We're getting quotes on new mica tubes from various suppliers, and should be putting in an order very soon.  There are some other cars and locomotives that will need new tubes also.

Let's check on another project: the Michigan Electric car.  Maybe it's not as obvious from this picture as it is in real life, but the side sill for the baggage compartment is missing.  Golly.

But Jeff Brady has a nice new piece of steel to replace it, and is plotting out where all the holes should go.  There are lots of rivet holes, it looks like Swiss cheese.

And here are some of the other structural members that need to be replaced.

Out on the property things are in a state of rapid change.

South Junction has been raised and leveled.  The facing point switch in this picture used to be in a depression, and the new level track should be much easier to navigate for everybody. 

And Yard 15 is being expanded.  The single track already installed will be 153, evidently, and here is the switch over to 154.   Another switch will lead to 151/152.  

This is Wednesday evening.

The next morning, at 7:15 the contractors were already at work; here new ties are being taken out to yard 15 from their storage location by the new cutoff track.  By the time I left on Thursday afternoon, all ties were in place on 154 and the rails appeared to be bolted up, but not spiked. 

And then we have a new north/south road about halfway between Railroad Ave. and Olson.  Here's the intersection with Main St., looking south.  I don't know what its name is, since street signs haven't been installed yet.

Near the new intersection, Knut's old windmill is still in place, the last vestige of pre-IRM days.

Today I repainted all of the red on the north side of the 36.  It's hard to see in these photos, but perhaps you can make out before and after.

 And sanding and painting on the #1 end of the car.

I was hoping to run the 36 and 309 for the Transport Extravaganza, but due to the grid failure, it will probably be 308 and 309.  It's not that far away, and we need people to sign up.  Now is a good time to examine your conscience....

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Anonymous said...

I was very surprised to see yard 15 being completed. Do you know when barns 13 and 14 are going to be erected?

Kirk Warner