Friday, July 10, 2015

Lloyd's Diner

 This is a classic Worcester Lunch Car now located in Framingham, Mass. within walking distance of my daughter's new home.  So we ate there a couple of times during our recent visit to the Boston area.  (It was actually Worcester car #749, easy to remember!)

The food is good, and many of the fixtures in the diner itself appear to be original. 

The strange thing is that it's only open from 6AM to noon on Saturday and Sunday.  That's it.  This is a very unusual business strategy for a diner, I think.


Anonymous said...

I love the diner reviews. Perhaps a few other photos or comments about the food and service would help me to "be there." Do you order a standard meal for comparison sake? Do you enjoy chatting up the waitress or cook? When I go to these places, the quality of coffee (smooth but on the heavy side), coffee cup (chunky thick creamy white china with a patina of years of use), and frequency of refills also tells me how much they have fully achieved my favor in dinerness.

Randall Hicks said...

Thanks, but I tend to concentrate on the architecture rather than the diner experience, I suppose. Mostly I'm interested in actual steam road or electric cars that have been converted into diners. I probably wouldn't have started on manufactured diners at all if IRM didn't have one. But in the Boston area there's a lot of manufactured diners and little else. I read somewhere the statement that Sisson's is the only trolley car diner in New England, and so far I haven't found any others.

Lloyd's serves standard breakfast fare in generous portions, and is usually very busy for the twelve hours a week it's open, it appears. I must admit I enjoyed watching the cook you can barely see in the photo, he looked just like somebody out of the 1930s.

But beyond that, in the next installment I will include the discovery of a new (to me) type of sausage!